Medical Gown Fabric

Vinteks offers a high specification –multipurpose, reusable Hospital Gowns, which offers great value at longer term. Our Hospital Gown life cycle results show a significant improvement in energy, environmental footprint, blue water, and energy-associated emissions.
  • Washable up to 50+ times
  • Wash in Temperatures up to 95 degrees
  • Vapour Permeable (Breathable)
  • Fully Waterproof / Impermeable
  • Has a Soft İnner Substrate for Comfort
  • Anti-Microbial Surface
  • Open Back with Fastening Straps
  • Available Size : S, M, L, XL
  • Comfortable and Soft Touch with Easy to Wear Bi-elastic Backing
  • Sterilize up to 134 C degrees up to 50 times

With VCare Hospital Gowns, Healthcare Professionals are 100% secure and comfortable. Due to the unique Polyurethane barrier technology, our gown fabrics perform 4-8 times better compared to all the disposable gowns in the market. Our gowns will outperform the Disposables even after more than 50 times use and wash cycles. The special PU barrier gives the highest water impermeability, while offering a light weight, soft touch, bi-elastic, breathable and anti-microbial surface.  All these characteristics come along with superior chemical, hospital cleansers and high temperature autoclave sterilization resistance.

Finally, there is an environmentally conscious and economic Hospital Gown in the market, that will disturb the disposable gown market and stop the creation of bio-hazardous plastic waste mountains. Our Hospital gowns can safely replace the disposable ones, outperforming them in all performance criteria, while offering comfort, long term usage and increased safety.

VCare Hospital Gowns have been tested successfully to withstand more than 50 cycles of  sterilization at 134˚C without any change to the product characteristics.